This website explores the depth of Isabel Borges’ imaginative work with fabric and flowers.
It is showing images and videos of Madeira flower and wine festivals and end of the year festivities.
The location is beautiful; Madeira Island in Portugal.
The content represents the entire width of Isabel’s artistic work, everything from parades to the creative processes behind the scenes.
Isabel’s work can be defined as combination of passion, dedication and art.
Her website was built by us to reflect this: rich in colours, beauty and joy.
Razor designed and developed the website.
The design phase consisted of working on the wireframe, two solutions of the Homepage and once the structure of the website was defined and one visual solution selected, the entire website was designed.
The most visually arresting part of the website is Carousel on the Home page, showing exquisite photographs of artist’s work.
The website has many pages and simple navigation. Albums can be selected by way of filters and tags.
In the development phase technologies used were PHP / WordPress CMS and HTML / CSS3 / Javascript.
The content on the website is carefully structured, it allows artist to manage all the images, video and also texts on two languages, English and Portuguese, from future festivals or other work.
We placed social media buttons on the website and social media connectors via Disqus. By doing so we made the website open to communication and interaction with fans of Isabel’s work.
We are very proud of our work and thank Isabel for being a really creative and organised client.