So, let’s start from the end.

Last week, I went to an IT conference with a couple of my colleagues.

The way this was promoted, we thought this would be one of the biggest IT things in years. But…

Every “Neverending story” starts with a “but” 😉


The main point of the talk was about startups and how that really works with companies and government, and how that’s so lovely and easy and everyone should just try.

The story goes like this:

  1. You have an idea
  2. You just apply for a loan
  3. Even find some investors
  4. Find some developers to work on it
  5. Find an IT company to work on it
  6. Money comes from every side
  7. Your idea is now developed and you are rich

Just reading this “Startup recipe” is more than enough for you to give it a go… NOT.



This is the same thing I’ve been listening for the last half a decade.

This is how startups are presented in public and it will remain like this for much longer than we think, actually it might never end.


There are many reasons as to why this will remain the way people perceive startups. I will give you just three:

  1. People don’t want to share their knowledge and experience; they think somebody will take everything they have from them. Share knowledge with others, give them your example; you will need someone to help you at one point, it’s just a matter of time.
  1. People are afraid to ask; they think they will look stupid. Always ask, nobody was born with all the answers. Even someone who doesn’t have the same point of interest as you do can give you some crucial advice that will be more than useful for your idea.
  1. People find it hard to invent something new, so they will “steal” someone’s existing idea and just change UI/UX. Don’t ever EVER do that, just think for yourself – would you like someone to steal something of yours?


There are rules you should stick to, like:

  1. Believe in your idea
  2. Work with passion, money will come
  3. Get good people/company on your team
  4. Test
  5. Test again
  6. When a small part is done, be happy, everything checked with DONE is good
  7. Review your idea again
  8. Work hard



And let’s finish at the beginning.

Never forget one thing, that it was your idea at the start, you are in charge and you are responsible for everything that’s going on with it.

You need to make your one choice; you need to work hard to achieve your goals.

If YOU really have great idea and you have reviewed it a million times and you are sure that that is something users will need, then don’t be afraid.

Ask for help, find someone who has experience with startups, and take their advice.



And review it once more.