I learned a lot since I joined Razor.

Now it’s time for you to learn about Razor through something you know for a long time – alphabet:



A is for Apps – Because we do both web and mobile apps.
B is for Birthdays – We celebrate everyone’s birthdays, buy presents and have mini parties.



C is for Coffee – No coffee, no work.
D is for Draft – Everything is well organized and drafting is made ease.



E is for Estimate – No work is done without a well-considered time estimate.
F is for Football – Every Monday evening we play football.



G is for Glass Conference Room – We all enjoy having meetings in our new conference room with glass walls.
H is for Humor – Which is big part of Razor’s good atmosphere.



I is for Ireland – Razor has two offices, one in Belgrade, the other in Cork.
J is for Jubilation – We celebrate all major holidays together.



K is for Konami Code – We had great time implementing Konami Code.
L is for Lunchtime – Very important part of day for everyone in Razor team.



M is for Macs – We mostly work on Mac computers.
N is for Notes – Taking notes is essential for being up-to-date with clients feedback.



O is for Office – Recently we moved to our new offices.
P is for Project – Great internal tools for tracking projects progress.



Q is for Quality – We are obsessed about delivering this.

R is for Responsive – The way web should be.



S is for Slippers – Comfortable and clean are reasons we have office shoes.
T is for Team Building – Team spirit is very important and team building weekends are part of our lives.



U is for Upstream – Upstream marketing is our approach.
V is for Viral – Because we want to be found by the right people, at the right time for the right reasons.



W is for Website – We constantly imagine what compelling content and experiences we can build online.
X is for X Years Young – Razor is 10 years young.



Y is for Young – Razor is young and ambitious.

Z is for Zip – A format we use every day.