You can always compare life situations with sport; just as you can with every job.
For example, taxi driving is most often like rally racing, some construction jobs have a lot in common with a strongman competition.
No matter what sport is reflected in your job, the most important driver of success is teamwork.
Even if you are engaged in solo “sport” there is always a team supporting you.

Here in Razor we “play” RUGBY, you read that correctly, full on RUGBY.

Dejan Tasic


We have a scrum, the Account Directors are the front row and there is no mercy in our approach. We grind it out supported by our developers and designers.

There is backline too; working agile lines and looking for every gap to get a line-break for our clients’ projects.

We support each other in every situation. That’s easy when things go well.

Team work is hard when we fail to score a clean try – we have to be big enough to recognise that we screwed up and as a team recognise what went wrong and get a better play next time.

There are times when we need to chase and tackle, to slow the game for a moment but we never stop running.

No matter what happens we are rucking and mauling until the bitter end.

80 minutes means nothing to us – We won’t stop until the final whistle blows

No vision, no game.

No execution, no point.

No team, no strength

“TEAM”, because Together Everyone Achieves More