Pure ambition, there is nothing like it to keep you going when the world around you is chaos and uncertainty.

I can remember Razor’s first office, a small funky place at the top floor of Albania Palace, Two Mihailova.

One day I was staring at a construction site across at One Mihailova.


I imagined what kind of crew could rationalize such posh office space.

How could they create enough value for clients and employees to make it work financially for them?

In a couple of weeks, we are going to be moving in to those offices.




It has been a hell of a journey

We got to this point mostly with a solid plan, but there were lots of crazy ideas that played their part too.

Shared vision is the key – without it you have a boardroom and a bunch of ideas – with it you have a client base, a team and a future.

Good execution comes from mistakes made and lessons learned.

We are still learning but with every project we are getting stronger.

We are confident enough as an organisation to recognise the opportunity to improve every single day.

This office move feels like payback time – the effort to create Razor has been a struggle from the start. The last ten years slipped by like weeks.

All the good stuff we have achieved rarely gets considered by us – we are too busy focused on the immediate.


This move celebrates our good luck, our good people, our hard work and our loyal client base.

The true joy of our success is that we know that this move is the first page of a new adventure.

The scale of our ambition and vision just got a whole lot bigger.

Let’s rock and roll.