One day, one ordinary work day, as I walked through the office, I looked at my colleagues as they diligently worked at their tasks. I watched them, behind our colorful walls, all divided up in teams – each with their own special abilities and specific characteristics…together, being able to produce some marvelous pieces of work and art!

I realized how, in one way, they are like some sort of creatures – just like creatures of the animal kingdom, each specially equipped with their own set of skills and abilities, that enables them to do what they do best!

With all of that in my mind, I sat down and imagined which creature, each of us, could actually be? And this is what I came up with:


The “Account Director”

1. A communication expert, that can perform three conference calls, while speaking five different languages, and think about twenty seven tasks, at once.

2. Everyday life consists of juggling between clients wishes and coordinating with other teams, so that all jobs can be done, and deadlines met!

3. Has special presentation abilities, perfectly conveying all ideas and crucial points of the project, making the client simply fall in love with it.

General motto:

“Communication is everything!”

The “Designer”

1. A species well known for its outstanding visual capabilities, with a strong sense of style and balance.

2. Creature that experiences design in every aspect of his life, not even being lazy to point out a ‘double space’ in the middle of a text paragraph, which is an obvious mistake.

3. In a very tight relationship with the other species, transforming clients wishes into well composed graphical elements, good & ready for all types of media.

General motto:

“Great Design is as Little Design as Possible”

The “Frontend Developer”

1. A multi-limbed creature, that has hyper-speed typing abilities, with a knowledge database of several coding languages, all written down in his <head>.

2. Everyday life consists of coping with several tasks at once, trying to finish everything on time, as well as fulfill all demands that the Designer species make up…

3. Also has a well adapted evading methods for all of Designers nonsenses…

General motto:

“Everything has to start with a chevron”

The “Backend Developer”

1. A nocturnal creature, that mostly hunts at night, equipped with code-snapping-RAZOR-sharp claws, and swift blind-typing wings!

2. Everyday/night life consists of solving very complex database-register-admin-panel-options and overwhelming-website-content-database logic,

3. Works only on Ubuntu operating system (Debian GNU/Linux), even if it needs to be installed on a Mac!

General motto:

“That is very complex, but we’ll make it work.”

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