In the digitally still developing region, I get asked why would anyone go digital? Why would anyone digitalise their business? Why, for the love of god, would ANYONE digitalise their privacy?? Well, it’s quite simple, actually – there’s no other way.
Let’s face it, the digital era has begun. We may have no idea where it will lead us in future, but there’s no going back now. Ever. You can weep all you want over your favourite newspapers, hardcopy books, the unique smell of the paper, dimise of real postmen delivering your letter. Heaven knows I do. But like it or not, digital is irreversible and we’ll never go back to pen and paper, so we should overcome the fear of new and embrace the changes while trying to get the most out of it.
The question is: Will you lead or will you follow the digital trend?
There is nothing more fashionable at this moment than new technologies! Digital has infiltrated in all segments of everyday life and art. Imagine a world where you can see a pop singer without a Twitter account, an Haute Couture brand with no Facebook page, a celebrity walking around without an iPhone, Metropolitan exhibition you can’t find on Google. Can you? Now imagine if you had the skills to use that to your own personal and professional developement. Digital could be a part of your style.
Either way, fifty years from now, it will be unthinkable if someone has no education in digital technologies, just like it is unthinkable now if someone has no high school education. Young professionals, just out of college or at final year and mid and senior level executives should be the leaders in the digital revolution and as such, they are recognised as the ones who ought to be the pioneers in digital education programmes.
In other words, it’s great you realised that if Coca Cola has a Facebook page, then your smaller scale business must need one as well. But you need to know what you’re doing there, you need the necessary tools and knowledge, otherwise it might turn out to be that such way of promotio does you more bad than good. It’s not something your teenage daughter should do in her spare time, relying on her «feeling». Do you think the daughter of Coca Cola’s CEO runs their page? Hardly. And in many respects, your company is no different than any big company, or at least you shouldn’t treat it as such if you want to improve your business. You have to think big to achieve big.
The Digital Marketing Institute professional diploma is a worldwide recognised Certificate, making you an expert no matter where you come from or where you decide to go. With a DMI certificate, you have the whole world in YOUR hands.
The question remains – Will you lead or will you follow the digital trend?
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